Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sunny Mountain days

So I have just returned from vacationing in Colorado! It was beautiful!  I wish we had mountains here in Wisconsin, but in Colorado they wish they had water in abundance such as our lakes and rivers.
I saw 2 fox and a gang of Elk and 2 stray cats, and 3 dogs. I didn't get to see the bear and mountain lions I was hoping to see, but I am super glad it was too cold for those snakes.

I could talk about everything I saw and how it all looked, but just like a picture, my words would never do the mountains any justice.  What I can talk about is altitude adjustments. I learned the hard way that you can not drink like you are still at the small 790 ft or elevation of Appleton Wisconsin. Nope, You go to the Mile High city and have a few you will most likely fall down a mountain.  Next time I go there I have to pay attention to what I consume. Or I could waste almost a whole day and set myself up for horrible disappointments for the rest of it. 

I only fell about 4 times! Usually I am not as lucky, but somewhere in the mix of it all I did obtain strep throat. maybe it was from  the airport? or fresh chicken eggs for bfast?  who will ever know?! But It could not have possibly been from making out with that stranger in Thunder and Buttons Bar on karaoke night  in Old Colorado City. He has since told me  he has not been sick. So I give it a week and I think he will probably come down with it. I already apologized in advance. I hate being the one to share diseases. Id much rather just share chocolate or cereal or something, but never illnesses.  Meh nothing a few antibiotics can't fix. Wow this sounds like the the clap. Rest assured knowing I am a bit classier than that.\

I will definitly Wrtie more about this trip later, but I need a nap.

Monday, February 18, 2013



Just a drop!?!?!

So have any of you heard of Just a drop? I saw it on the doctors? I guess everyone has been a little self conscious in the bathroom at some point. Well I thought i would share this with you all in case you needed it!  Have a pleasant smelling day!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Funday!

9 days until Colorado!!!
Anyone know of any adventurous things to do near Woodland park?  I want to get crazy!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


OH NO!!! one of my happy places is going out of buisness! Godiva Chocolate in Appleton is closing!

So I stocked up on Macaroons! YUM!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Single Can Be Happy Too!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
I am taking a new approach to this Valentines Daything.  Instead of being/ feeling like a grumbly old single spinster, I am going to dedicate this day to myself. I will do everything I like to do and that makes me feel important. 
1) I have to do the laundry I have been avoiding so I can look great on this fabulous day.
2) I will go to the gym and relieve some stress.
3) Maybe take my dogs and suck up all the love and attention they give me for being so thankful to be out of the house.
4) I will stop at Aspen Coffee and visit my bff. 
5) I don't love it but it will pay for my vacation I am treating myself to in 2 weeks!!
6) And Definitely go out for a drink after work.. maybe have a Cosmo ;) Maybe I will have some luck and win shake of the day!
7) and at some point I know I will have some chocolate ice cream.
8) Id buy myself a flower but I am trying to save money to spend in Denver (so its the thought that counts)!
Its just all how you look at it. I did almost all the same things yesterday. I think that means I am living the life, and this day was made to show me how happy I really am. Nothing else matters.
But all in the same breath of thought, Any single guys out there?! 
 I don't want to date you, I just don't want you to feel guilty when you buy me a drink. ;)