Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend

For me the night started at work. We threw a costume party for the kids of the country club.  A coworker offered me some cash to drive him to Hortonville.  We drove on old country roads and let me tell you it was quite the sight.  The fog had covered the road, and somehow we were seeing lightning above us along with the clear starry night. I had forgotten my gps and were were seaching for his friends house the old fashioned way.  We had to stop frequently and get out to see the street signs. as andrew got out of my car i said "just so you know, this is how horror movies start!!" The fog and the bent or dirt covered signs made our trip a little longer than it had to be.
After some time we find the right road. He had me turn into a long driveway that lead up to a house and an old barn.  Thats when he tells me...this is the wrong house.....I was instantly freaked out....It really is how horror movies start!!  I floored it out of their driveway backwards (i didnt want to give anyone time to make me into a lampshade).   He find the right house and his friends write me directions to get back..just in case I get lost again.
Well, the directions only work if you pay attention. I called my friend just to share with her my little adventure. 
Suddenly I find myself in Shiocton. I turn around and I see Old 54! I remembered something of the number 54 so I took it.  As soon as it started winding around deer ridden fields and country farms.  Suddenly the fog I thought I evaded a Half hour ago rolled in over the road in front of me. To my right my brights catch the beady eyes of several deer on the side of the road. I Slam on my breaks in fear they were about to cross.  I turn to my left and I see all the shoes hanging in a tree! I desperatly wanted to get out and take a picture. but being a girl, on a country road, fog, Im in a TMNT costume (michelangelo), My fear of killer lurking in the dark takes over.  I instantly thought of a masked man chopping off my feet to hurl into this tree. I drove off. :(
Me and a friend are heading out there tomorrow after work to take some pictures and contribute to the tree.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween time is Here!!!

SO I am going to be a TMNT for this years festivities!!!! Michelangelo!!! The party Dude!
I am making most of my costume except I bought I infamous Jenna Marbles Turtle Backpack!! I am pretty psyched!!!! 

I tried to get a few friends to be Bebop or rocksteady but that was a no go.  Seems like everyone just uses Halloween to Hoe it up!  Thats not my style!  Though I am single, and hoeing it up seems like the norm...I am just gonna party it up.
Well friday night I am working a kids Halloween party so it won't be all that crazy! But im sure they'll get a kick out of it.
But saturday night i'm hitting up the Appleton bars! Should i carry a pizza box?