Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What to change right now?!

Wow the following is a post I never posted.  Two months after I wrote it I moved out. I am now test driving a car this week. I know it's taken me a longtime to get to this point, but I am here and working on my happiness.  I am proud of where I am and I need to tell myself that more. I am happy. :)

I need an instant change. This week! I decided. The apartment I am waiting for is taking far too long to be available. So I am giving up on it.
Options of things to change:
New  Car
New apartment

My current truck is a POS that belongs to my dad. I dont want to put any money into it.

My current home is also a not so fancy place that belongs to and still inhabited with my parents.

I need a car to drive around my niece and other kids I babysit safely.

I need a new apartment so my niece can spend the night so my sister can have a relaxing weekend   (she is expecting another).

New apartment so I can be free

New car for the same reason

New apartment so I can decorate my own zen area