Sunday, January 6, 2013

"One Day We'll Be Old!"

Well it has been too long sing I posted last.  So I am changing this blog a bit. I am done being unhealthy. I turned 26 this year and I decided on my birthday that I wasted my 25th year of life feeling sorry for myself. I had thee best 26th birthday of my life! eVEN
 Instead of changing everything at once I am going to take it easy on myself.  Life is short and i want to enjoy every bit of it.  A big part of this change in my attitude is my 1 year old niece! I cant get enough of that kid!  I dont want her growing up seeing mopy old me not living to my fullest.  She is a happy, goofy little wobbly toddler and She brings joy to everyone! Im going to continue to work on improving myself without any excuses.  I have hope in my heart that i will reach the goals I set!

Tomorrow is the first day of my workout plan.  Today My sister, mother, I wrote up a weight loss challenge (right after we went to shawano for a deep friend lunch).  It is 12 weeks long, with weigh ins every month.  The first months prize is a movie, Second months prize is a facial ( oh man do i need one of these!) and the final prize is bingo night!  Nothing food related contrary to what kept popping up in our brainstorm session! Winner recieves the activity at no cost. No matter who wins the prizes are all somthing we can do together.  I am actually excited about this challenge!  Mostly I gotta get off my big butt and start moving. Working out increases confidence and good health and I could use a bit of both lately! Woot!

As for the job search i am not worried. I am taking a job with a book distributing company.  I still work at the country club bartending, serving, and now as the Director of The Kids Club...Sounds official doesnt it?!  Well it doesnt quit pay the bills and give me a social life so i have been filling in at my uncles factory folding paper while listening to an audio book!  I have gone through so many books lately and I love it. I dont have the attention span to actually read the books so Audible is perfect for me.  I tried reading World War Z...Awful and boring, But I really liked Life of PI, Good in Bed, Bossy Pants and my favorite book is Let's Pretend This Never happened by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)! It is the most hilarious book I have ever read and it was "Mostly True!"  On Thursday night I dropped my Kindle Fire and its busted! but have no fear, The warranty came through and they are sending me another!  Woot! I feel sorta naked without it! I have to wait 2 more days! Yikes!

As for my living situation, Still at home..BUT I have put a down payment at the Eagle Flats Apartments! I decided the best way I can work on caring about myself, is by living by myself.  Hopefully I get approved and move in March!

Lots of things in the works aand I am excited for it all! I am going to accept any change that comes at me!
PS... i think I want to be a comedian.