Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I know It has been a horribly long time since I blogged last.  Needless to say after my second interview with that company I spoke of..I still did not get the job.  I made a mistake.  I was as sick as a dog and went to the interview anyway.  I had nooo energy whatsoever.  It was awful. I left there feeling worse than before and went straight to be.  I even shook their hands and I shouldn't have done that.
I made excuses and apologies to myself and others lately. I am done making excuses.  I am going to find a job and soon!  I got back on the saddle and I'm doing well at it.  I won't make myself feel like I don't deserve things anymore.  I refuse to live like that any longer.

A big part of this change in my head has actually been from a book that I listened to in the car while driving to Minnesota and Lacrosse.  It is called The Charge.  It was very uplifting and put me in my place.  Made me realize that excuses get you no where.  Nowhere is the last place I want to be when I want to get the hell out of here. lol. 
In the last 3 months I have managed to save up a little money.  It has been years since I wasn't living completely paycheck to paycheck.  I love this feeling.  Saving money is so important to me.  I am just glad I have a base to work off of from here. 

Next thing I need to do is WORK OUT! Or cancel my membership to Golds Gym that I am wasting $20 a month on.  I know its not too much but its still being wasted.  lol  Meh. I will get to that when I feel like it.  I am going biking asap. 

I don't Think I have much else on my mind.  I have gotten a few emails thanking me for my resume and that's it.  I get the email and say to myself  "you're welcome!"  Then think "....and!" Lol.   Keeping myself busy because I'm not into the waiting game any longer.