Monday, March 19, 2012

Minor Setbacks, But Optimisim Ahead!

Well, I went through the interview process, and it went great. The interviewer gave me great vibes about how I would fit in with the team, and that "I would be a breath of fresh air for the office!"
But while I was packing for my great 10-day vacation to Chicago and Georgia, I got the disappointing news in an email.
They picked someone that had been trained completely for the position. DangIT!!!!

In the email she mentioned there is another opening in April!  I am not going to bank on getting it, But it would be nice!  Tomorrow I am hitting up my favorite coffee shop and I am back to the job search.  I refuse to be a bum any longer... I had a great 2 week vacation from bartending, and I feel it reset me. I haven't been on a vacation in years.

On a happier note, I got to see my "AS'best'TOS" friend.  She lives all the way in Columbus, GA.  Only a 1.5 hour flight from Chicago, but to far in my book.  She keeps my head on straight. Anytime I need a chat, I know that she is there for me and I know I would be there for her.
it is really important to keep those positive people in your life. The negative, needy, Dementor-like  (yes, this is a Harry Potter reference), Aura suckers need to be simply casted away, let free of your day, and cut off from your energy.  I have had quite a few people in my life that just took anything from me they thought they could get (most importantly my energy) and never gave anything back. 

I have recently reevaluated "my life inventory". I have decided to change what I am spending my energy on. 
Related to my current situation(but a little off topic), In college, there was one particular person that I referred to as a human Dementor.  She turned all our friends against each other, and tried ruining years of friendship.  One day we all just realized the common denominator of our issues. It was her.  We pointed out was was wrong, and though it took years of "rehab" for our friendship with her, I have to say she really turned her negativity and manipulations around. We all keep a Weary Eye on her when issues arise, but I honestly think she cares about us now.

In conclusion, people can change. If you value their friendship, give them a break, some time to reboot and reevaluate themselves. Some changes are positive, and others not so much.  I think of myself as a pretty positive person. I hope I never change in that aspect of my life. I want everyone to be happy.  It saddens me to think that people can live (and sometimes thrive) with causing problems for others.  So I try not to think about it.  I think there is some good in all people.