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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding Bells

Finally! The Last wedding of the year! And to give it that extra Punch I am a bridesmaid. 
I leave at 12pm tomorrow on a 4 hour drive to Lacrosse, WI.  I have a little to no time to relax before The rehearsal! I don't know what to wear.  I don't have a gift yet, and It is 12:51 am And I haven't packed yet :P Yikes.

As much as I am excited to be at this wedding, I can't get someone out of my head.  I met this guy at a bar after I got out of work (thank god for day light savings time). My Coworker went to go get her and I a beer and when she returned I was sitting with this guy.  As I was watching TV waiting for my beer, He walked over to me with his pitcher of Guinness and asked "What are we watching?" 
I think it was cricket or something I didn't understand at all. I made a disgusted face and  said "I have no idea."

Let me just say I am awkward as a person could be!!!  It didn't help he was pretty drunk and I was pretty sober, but I really need to get over being uncomfortable around guys that show an interest in me.  I don't know what happens but as soon as my brain figures out someone is itching to get to know me I turn into fricken cold shoulder girl.  Any tips?  I am all ears!!
We have talked a little bit and we plan on hanging out Saturday night.
Help me get over my jitters! I feel to old to be acting like this. That damn Lil Wayne song (how to love) has been stuck in my head for weeks! 
 OK I have to go make a Packing list! This weekend is going to be crazy! I can't wait to see my college crew!! and I hope I don't wimp out and ditch him Saturday.

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