Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Networking is Key

I have been volunteering for the past few months with the Appleton Probation Office.  I mentor 1st time offenders that need to meet their probation terms.  I meet weekly with  the person I mentor.  At first I'd just let her tell me whatever she wanted to tell me.  I wanted her just feel comfortable. After the 2nd visit we started setting goals and laying out her budget and personal goals.  As the weeks went on, I started attending her W-2 meetings with her. I met her case worker at the Human Services, and a couple weeks into going to these meetings, I received a call.
It was her case worker!  She was calling to let me know that there is a job opening doing the same exact job she does, and how she thought I would be a great candidate.  She told her boss my name, and mentioned they are just waiting on my resume, and cover letter. 
It was a lot of information for me to all gather on my way into my bartending job.  I was not expecting this call, nor did I ever think networking was really all that successful.

Boy was I wrong.  Though I haven't gotten the Job yet, I am feeling great about where I am headed in life.  Knowing that I have the recommendation from someone in the current position brings on a great feeling of self esteem.  Even if I don't get this job, I think this was a good push to get back into the job search.  For quite a while my insecurities were taking over my brain. i have wasted too much time putting my life on hold. 

 My interview was supposed to be this afternoon, but was postponed by the interviewer until Monday. Wish me luck! 

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