Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Silver Lining

So last week I lost a overnight Nanny gig because I apparently charge too much. Wow did that really tick me off, but I kept myself pretty calm.  I know everything happens for a reason.
If I would have been watching their kids this week, I would have missed seeing Jordy Nelson at work last night, wouldn't have today off to relax and get my apartment ready for guests and octoberfest. I wouldn't have the opportunity to Nanny for a different family all day friday, or be able to work my kids club shift at work.

Last night I got a message from a different family to day sit for 7 days. I am ecstatic!!! I love the kiddos so much, and I will make. Nearly double what the first family was paying. They are a great bunch of kids!!! I am so excited to see them again.

I feel I made have lost the point of this post. I am Happy. And when I'm not happy I am trying to work on my perspective. I have faith if I keep moving forward, everything will fall into place.
Next thing to work on is finding a new job!

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