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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Rabid Raccoons 
 I was one with the wild this weekend.  While enjoying the company of my friends (from college that I get to see only every 3-4 months) out in Viroqua, WI, a raccoon strolls into the barnyard acting quite peculiar. Mind it was around 11am and the raccoon wandering around the yard trying to pick a fight with the dogs (I hope the dogs are okay and unscathed.  We don't need a Cujo on our hands).  It was also dragging its leg.  This Raccoon was huge!  We thought at first he was a stray dog until we got a better look.  It didn't even phase him as we shot a shotgun. I tried scaring it away by turning on my car with a remote starter (I wasn't going out there, Nooo Way) .  When the birds started dive bombing it, we accepted the thought that something is definitely wrong with it. It took 5 shots to take the thing down.  He didn't even run after the first one hit him in the butt.
I am an animal lover.  I was the one that tried to wait to see if it was okay, and it would run away.  I am not a hunter and have not been able to get this image out of my head.  But I do know when something is wrong, actions have to be made.  I am sad the lil guy was sick, but there was nothing to do but take him out of his misery. 

Now if only I can use that train of thought and direct it to my life!  I want so bad to be motivated to do endless job searches, but every time I start, I get myself overwhelmed.  Just like "Dustin"  I put so much pressure on myself to write the perfect cover letter, to find the perfect job, to send out x number of resumes a week.  I get so sick of the job search by the time I have typed in. 
Now if I had some followers, I'd ask....Should I go back on my ADD meds?  I think I should, but then again they make me sort of cranky and unsocial....What do you "all" think?

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