Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Winner and A Loser!

My mother, Sister and I have started a weight loss competition. It is three months long. There will be a winner every month. Instead of previous year where the prize has been money, this time the prizes are all stuff we can do together. Our first month ended this last Sunday. I WON!!! This months prize was for us to all go to the movie of my choice and the two non winners would split the winners tab. Same rules go for the next two months.  Next month we are getting facials and the month after that we are going to bingo. It is stuff we could all agree on. I hope I win again! I am cheap!! :)

So far I am down 8 lbs.  Yesterday I had the stomach flu and lost another 5 lbs. I feel I will be gaining that back though :(

I have no doubt I will continue to lose!!!!!
I have changed my diet for the most part. and been exercising again!

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